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Is there a lazy kid in your house? Are you frustrated when he skips out of his work and you do it for him? If so, it's time for a change. Look inside for effective ways to turn a lazy attitude into a helpful child.

Excerpt from Back Talk Street and Sammy the Slacker, page 81.

"Where's that slacker?" yelled Sammy's father. "He promised to help me clean the garage!"

Sammy's mother sighed, "I don't know. I haven't seen him."

Everyone at Sammy's house had chores on Saturday morning. They called it 'Saturday Work.'

A few minutes later, Sammy's mother called out to Sammy's dad, "Did you find Sammy? He didn't clean up his mess in the kitchen."

"I haven't seen him!" shouted his father from the garage.

Larry hollered from the bedroom he shared with Sammy, "Where's Sammy? I'm not cleaning this mess all by myself."

Nobody found Sammy. As they sat down for lunch, Larry noticed a note from Sammy taped to the fridge. It said,

"If work's your thing,

Don't count me in.

I'd rather play,

Than work today.

Gone Fishing."

Sammy's dad ripped the note off the fridge and muttered, "I'm going to teach that slacker a lesson."

Helping Lazy Kids Change Their Attitude

Sammy the Slacker wiggled out of work. Like a snake in the grass, no one could find him. He did what he wanted. To find out the lesson his father taught him, you'll need to read it for yourself on Back Talk Street. Right now let's focus on laziness.

A slacker kid is lazy. He often acts helpless. He hopes someone else will do his work. If you, pick up his toys, clothes, or kitchen messes you must stop. I know you love your kid but if you're doing his work, you're not training him to get along now or in the future.

Imagine your child being a slacker in school, on future jobs, or when he has a family of his own. Think of the reputation he'll earn and the frustration he'll cause. Will he be rejected, lose jobs, and his future family? The time to work on his attitude is now.

5 Questions to Get Your Child Thinking about the Problems with Laziness

When you read a story like Sammy's, ask character building questions like:

1. What did Sammy need to learn about work?

2. Why do you think some kids are lazy?

3. Have you ever been tricked into doing other kids' work? How did you feel?

4. Are you ever lazy? Why?

5. What advice would you give a lazy kid?

Use these questions for discussion with all your kids. They'll get to hear each other and make their own decisions about laziness.

Stop doing your kid's work for him. Stay close. Monitor his work. Call him back if his work is sloppy. You might not like this part of parenting but it needs to be done. If you do, you'll be turning your lazy kid into a helping child with a brighter future. Praise him honestly for work well done.

Get your spouse involved. Consider what other actions to take. Ask yourselves, "What can we do to turn our child into a team helper?" Brainstorm together. Question your own behaviors too. I know you will come up with expert answers.

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