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How Fathers Make a Difference

If you're a father and you want to make a difference, our parenting expert and author, Jamie Bohnett, will share the effects of two different fathering styles on two of our greatest baseball stars. One star lives under a cloud and the other star doesn't. You'll find out why dads do make a difference. Here is an excerpt from Jamie's book, "Letters to My Son."


Building Character the Right Way:

Bonds vs. Griffey

Dear Son,

As you may recall, we moved to the Seattle area at the very beginning of Ken "The Kid" Griffey, Jr.'s baseball career. I watched you and your brother grow up idolizing him. His major league career inevitably came to an end two decades later.

Ken Griffey Jr.

You remember how Ken Griffey Jr. played when he was in his prime. He played the game with a seeming effortlessness that was amazing to watch. He was truly "The Natural."

Whether he was chasing down a fly ball to the center field wall, throwing a base runner out, smacking another home run, or stealing a base, Ken Griffey Jr. seemed to do it all with boundless joy.

However, in these last two years, back with his original team, The Seattle Mariners, Griffey's age, injuries, and surgeries sharply eroded his baseball skills. His decision to retire was preceded by this once proud superstar sitting on the bench.

The Baseball Stars

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that he will be remembered as one of the very best who ever played the game of baseball. Griffey's retirement reminds me of another player, Barry Bonds, who also recently retired. Bonds extended his record-breaking career well into his forties, eclipsing the single season home run record of Mark McGwire and the career home run record of Hank Aaron.

Both of these men had fathers who had All-Star major league careers, Ken Griffey Sr. and Bobby Bonds. And both of the sons surpassed their fathers' baseball greatness.

Ken Griffey Jr. retires now with what appears to be a clear record and great appreciation for what he accomplished without the help of banned steroids.

Barry and Ken's Father-Son Relationship

Yet, Barry, Bobby's son, retired under a huge cloud of suspicion that he was using steroids illegally to enhance his performance.

Barry's relationship with his father by his own account was distant. "I was a momma's boy. I didn't get anything from my dad, except my body and my baseball knowledge. The only time I spent with him was at the ballpark."...

On the other hand, Junior's relationship with his dad was close...(Pages 45-46) To find out about a personal conversation between the two baseball stars and Ken Jr.'s private thoughts about doing things the "right way,"  pick up:


Letters to My Son


Cover Letters to my son

Available at

Let give SPECIAL THANKS to Jamie Bohnett for sharing this letter to his son and encouraging sons everywhere to do things the "right way". I also appreciate how he encourages us to realize the importance of good fathering.

Jamie Bohnett

Jamie Bohnett


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