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My Baby Brain Loves Music!

If you're a parent and your baby could tell you how music helps his brain, would you listen? Our expert  parenting author, Deborah McNelis, has written the most practical information with simple activities  entitled, Brain Insights: Love Your Baby~Making Connections in the First Year. Here is an excerpt: 

 3 - 6 Months: Moving to Music 

Dance with me. Turn on music. Hold me close and move with the music.

It feels good to enjoy rhythm and music together. My brain likes and responds to patterns.

Baby Activity: Which Is the Same?

To make sound shakers use empty and clean film, yogurt, or sour cream containers. Put salt in two and popcorn seeds in a third container. Shake the two matching ones for me to listen to. Shake the third one. Watch my reaction when I hear that the last one is different from the first two.

Do it another way: When you do this again, put something in the container that will make a different sound. For example: rice, cereal, macaroni etc.

(Never let me open the containers!)

Baby Brain Connections News

At birth I have over 100 billion brain cells with very few connections. Providing new experiences creates connections between the cells. This is what makes my brain actually grow.

Traveling Tunes for Babies

While riding in the car, sing songs to me. I will like that you make the time fun for me.


Let's PRAISE Deborah McNelis for her award winning The Brain Development Series of which Love Your Baby is part of the series. I like how Deborah takes the latest research and gives us practical information with activities for increasing our babies' and young children's brain development. The card packets are beautifully designed for each age level.


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        Deborah McNelis

 Pick up Brain Insight: Love Your Baby~Making Connections in the First Year


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