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    As a parent, this kind of blog is what I really love to read at. I learned new ideas and I appreciate parenthood more. With all the good things that were written here, I apply it on my kids and I'm glad they are growing really wise kids.

    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Thanks, Rick. Ellen has given us wonderful ideas for helping kids.

    You have too with your amazing book, The Genius in Every Child.

    With warm wishes,

    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Rick Ackerly

    Galinsky's work is so important. How could something be such common sense and so revolutionary at the same time? Ellen has done it. "The Galinsky Seven" is how I refer to it in my writing.
    Our old nomenclature get in the way: (e.g. "hard skills/soft skills;" "character traits" "values" "ability", etc. One of the revolutionary things is her language.
    Thank you!!!

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