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    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Dear Dr. Michele,

    It is an honor for me to promote your work. Being the genuine parenting expert that you are, your ideas must be heard by parents everywhere.

    Thank you for letting me broadcast your wise solutions to our real parenting problems.


    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Michele Borba


    Thank you for this post. It's just such an honor to have you recognize my work. The key on bragging (or any other unbecoming behavior) is for us to recognize why it should be changed! It will fuel our commitment for that makeover! Behaviors are learning--and can be unlearned. Any behavior that gets in the way of our children's character, safety, or well-being is a red flag for us to put on the brakes!

    Thanks again! You can follow me on twitter @MicheleBorba for the latest tips and links on raising morally and mentally strong kids.

    All the best!

    Michele Borba

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