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    Jean Tracy, MSS

    You and your wife had a huge part in influencing your family with the best of values, Dr. Par. Now you all are reaping the rewards.


    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Dr Par Donahue

    Thanks, Jean, Eric is a wonderful young man, (handsome too). I, too, admire his parents they did it exactly right! And in doing taught Eric and his friends responsibility, self respect (the basis of self-esteem),and that doing the right thing is its own reward. Thanks again! Par

    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Dear Dr. Par,

    I'm amazed how your grandson arranged this prom party. I also admire his parents for hosting it.

    The fact that the kids had to agree to the rules by emailing his mom was precious.

    Thank you for sharing, Dr. Donahue.


    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Dr Par Donahue

    Thanks, once again, for sharing! I appreciate it. My hope is that together we can help lots of kids. This time of year I hope we can help them safely enjoy their proms and post prom parties!
    Thanks for all you do for kids and their families! Par

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