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5 Top Strategies to Help Kids Cope with Divorce

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Jason's Story, "I Can't Concentrate."

Looking for strategies to help your kids cope with divorce? If so, my brand new kindle book, Character Building: Divorce Stories and Strategies to Help Your Child Heal is yours for

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With high divorce rates come numerous children in single parent homes. Research tells us ninety percent of these children experience a decline in school performance. Many children experience physical problems like headaches, stomach aches, sleep problems, and fatigue. Many also go through social problems loosing interest in friends or letting anger infect their lives. Parents grieve over their child's pain. What to do?

As a former teacher and family counselor, I've looked for good ways to help children cope with divorce. These stories can help children heal.



Adapting to divorce takes time plus opportunity. Stories can offer that opportunity. Children relate to stories, especially cartoon stories. In this book the characters present a typical problem to solve with strategies that heal.



You'll find 23 stories with themes like:

. Tina, who's upset over her mother's dating

. Jesse, who worries over his mother's money problems

. Bethany, who's trying to adjust to different rules in each household

. Danny, who's been waiting at the window for his dad to pick him up for a visit.

. Molly, whose parents still fight and many more story dilemmas.

5 Top Strategies to Help Your Child Heal

1. The Story

The cartoon stories bring each dilemma out in the open making it easier for your child to talk about his or her own feelings. Besides the regular format, embedded in each tale is a special healing technique to guide your child.

Within Each Story You'll Find ~

2. Choosing the Best Statement

For instance in the story entitled, "I Can't Concentrate," (about Jason who daydreams in school), your child is given 3 statements and is asked to choose the best:

. Will dad ever come back?

. I can't stop worrying about dad.

. My thoughts are clear and I am here.

These statements can turn into a conversation to relieve your child's worries.

3. Discussion Time

Each story includes four key questions to jumpstart thoughts, feelings, and actions. Your child is encouraged to give the cartoon character his best advice.

4. Saying

To help the character's thoughts and feelings, your child is asked to create a positive self-talk saying that rhymes. (Of course, your youngster can use the saying to repeat often too.) There is a suggested rhyme in each story for convenience.

5. The Binder Drawings

Each story suggests your child draw a picture of the problem scene and then the solution scene. Their drawings can be saved in a 3-hole binder. They become a keepsake for your child on how he solved each of the divorce story's dilemmas.


You'll find a bonus collection of all 23 special healing strategies for you to download at the end of the book. Use them whenever you need them.

Pick up Character Building: Divorce Stories and Strategies to Help Your Child Heal

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