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CB 4 Friendship Skills
Friends Make Me Happy!

 If you want to raise happy childen, teach them friendship skills. The good news is friendless youngsters can now learn exactly what to do. My new kindle book, Character Building Stories: Friendship Skills for Raising Happy Children + 75 Parenting Tips helps your kids get exactly what they want - FRIENDS!

Each character building story includes a cartoon character with a typical friendship problem. The character learns a simple social skill, motivating self-talk, and shows your child how to make friends.

Here's a Peek at 5 of the 20 Friendship Skills:

1. The Friendly Stretch - Rubber Band Ruby discovers the 'give-and-take' she must practice. If she doesn't stretch, she'll end up all alone.

2. The Eyeball Tactic - Eddie learns the power of eye contact as well as being a good sport.

3. The Laughter Law - Funny-Bones Fanny overcomes her fear of the spotlight and learns the power of humor for making friends.

4. The Upbeat Booster - Betty learns how to encourage others by encouraging herself.

5. The Praising Principle - Bentley, the Braggart, changes his focus and his words to gain the friends he longs for.

These social skills teach your children what they need for developing a friendlier personality that boosts confidence and attracts friends.

How Friendship Skills Promote Emotionally Intelligent Children:

You can raise your children's emotional intelligence with each story's discussions questions to:

. See things from another child's point of view

. Learn how to use a person's own name to grab their attention

. Notice and praise the good points in classmates

. Become a leader by thinking of fun things other kids like to do

. Find out the power of body language for attracting friends

Watch your  son or daughter put these these insights and skills into practice. And if they tell you what they really feel, you might hear them say, "I'm so happy."

Pick up Character Building Stories: Friendship Skills for Raising Happy Children + 75 Parenting Tips

  CB 4 Friendship Skills 

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