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Helping Your Child Deal with the Divorce

If you're facing separation or divorce and need to tell your children, keep reading. Our parenting skills expert, Rosalind Sedacca, has created a child-centered way to let them know.  She's designed a special method for you to create a personal book for your children that will help them deal with the divorce.

Ms. Sedacca knows that divorce is difficult for children and parents. Before the decision to divorce, she states, "Children are well aware of the tension, the anger, and the depression that may be present." Her goal is to ease the pain for your child.

Rosalind's method includes templates for you to fill in with practical advice and ideas. It will help you discuss with your child his history within the family, how he has always been loved, photos of happy memories, and finally the decision to divorce. Throughout her book, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? Rosalind shows great compassion for you and your children.

The Child-Centered Solution Section:

I like this part because it helps you tell exactly what will happen like where your child, his dad, and his mom will live. It assures your son or daughter what will remain the same by filling in blanks. There are many suggestions within her book to help you brainstorm:

1. You can still...

2. You will still...

3. Mom will still...

4. Dad will still...

You are advised to assure your child that he will always be loved by you and his other parent. Rosalind suggests the photos you include be pleasant pictures to discuss.  This will add continuity to your child's life because you promise your parent involvement will continue with future activities and pictures.

The message that Rosalind stresses throughout is to remind your children, they are safe, loved by both parents, and to let go of any blame because the divorce is not their fault.


Let's THANK Rosalind Sedacca for developing this creative way to ease the pain and help your child with the divorce.

Author Rosalind Sedacca

         Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

Pick up her book, How Do I Tell the Children About the Divorce, and use her expert ideas for telling your children in the kindest way possible.

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