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Easy and Powerful Ways To Give Your Baby a Head Start

If you want to ensure your baby or toddler gets a head start, you can. Our parenting skills expert, Dr. Sally Goldberg, wrote both Baby and Toddler Learning Fun and Make Your Own Preschool Games. Both are excellent books filled with the best parenting information and fun activities for you and your child. Today she'll share  your unique power as the parent, what young children need, and 3 fun activities.

The Power of Parents:

 It's your face, your smile, your cuddles your child hungers for. Your feelings toward your baby will eventually tell him how to feel about himself. Your reactions toward him will become the basis of his self-esteem.

You are his first and best teacher. He wants to learn from you. Here's where you give him a head start.

Dr. Sally cautions you to refrain from spending lots of money on big shiny toys because your child will lose interest rather fast. Instead she advises making toys from what you have at home, like paper, scissors, and crayons. You find wonderful ways to teach shapes, letters, colors and more. For example, your little one will love touching 10 papers cups as you count each one. So what does your tiny one need from you?

What Babies and Toddlers Want and Need from Parents:

They don't need a grand home filled with the latest toys. They don't need the best bathing tub, crib, or silk blankets. They need your:

  • Loving touches
  • Happy interactions
  • Playful learning activities
  • Stable relationships
  • Joyful music
  • Expressive reading

These are easy to give and make parenting meaningful, exciting, and rewarding.

3 Fun Activities that Create a Positive Parent/Child Bond:

Young ones need space to crawl, walk, and run. It's becoming popular to give babies computer style toys that keep him visually occupied. They keep his attention but they can't give him love. They promote visual learning instead of taste, touch, smell, and hearing your loving voice.

1. Dr. Sally suggests a walk in the park. Spread a blanket, let your baby crawl. Or allow your toddler to walk, run, or skip ahead of you while she explores flowers, shrubs, rocks or looks at the sky. A shovel and pail for digging and pouring dirt and sand can increase motor activities. Why not count rocks out loud while handing them to your child to put in a bucket? Most everything you do can be learning experiences for your little one.

2. Dr. Sally recommends wonderful music for car rides like Chopin, Beethoven, and Mozart. Such music can comfort and relax your child while he looks out the window and absorbs the sights.

3. Dr. Sally says, "Home is where the heart is." She advises parents and children be together, for instance, after dinner. Maybe dad is playing solitaire, mom is reading a book to baby, and brother and sister are playing a board game. The activity of being together gives your children a sense of security and belonging.

Giving your child a head start doesn't include expensive toys and surroundings. It does include loving interactions, exploring, teaching, and security. You have the power to give your baby and toddlers what they really want - you, your attention, approval, and simple learning activities. (From pages 1-34)


Let's THANK Dr. Sally for her extensive research, her easy to use information, and for writing the book, Baby and Toddler Learning Fun: 50 Interactive and Devlopmental Activities to Enjoy with Your Child.

Baby and Toddler Learning Fun

Available on Amazon.com


Dr. Sally Goldberg

 Dr. Sally Goldberg


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