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How a Parent's Good Listening Skills Promote Honesty


If you want to raise and honest child and you’re not sure how, don’t worry. Here are 10 questions you can use for a friendly discussion. Get her ideas before you share any of your own. We call this a baseline because you’ll know where to start if you feel she’s not quite on the right track. 

Be open, listen well, and avoid harshly criticizing her thoughts and answers. Criticism will shut her down.  Then your ability to influence her toward honesty will shrink drastically. Be kind in your approach.

I suggest you take one question a week to discuss at dinner, in the car, or at bedtime. You might think lecturing is faster but if your child clams up, how will you know she accepts your lecture. Many kids tune out or rebel when being told what to do or how to think.

You can open your child up when she knows you’re really listening. She’ll want to know you care about her ideas. These 10 discussion questions will help you and your child promote honesty.

Here are 2 sample questions:

  1. Why to children, who tell lies, lose friends?
  2. Why are children, with truthful reputations, liked and trusted.

Don’t forget to ask for examples from your child's own life.

Pick up:

10 Honest Discussion Questions to Help Your Child Choose the Truth

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I suggest you copy it and add it to your 3-hole binder to use whenever you need it.


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