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Parenting Gift: 10 Honesty Mottos Help Kids' Self-Talk

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An Honesty Mindset Helps Children


CHILDREN, WHO ARE SCARED TO TELL THE TRUTH, MAY FEAR PUNISHMENT. The talk kids have in their heads can influence them to do right or wrong. When children tell lies, their self-talk may be defensive. For instance, they might say, “I don’t want my dad to be mad at me,” or “I’m afraid I’ll get punished.”

Complimenting kids for being honest may encourage them to be truthful. Consider using praise over criticism and punishment.

Another way to promote an 'honesty mindset' is with slogans that get repeated often.

Encourage your elementary-age child to pick a favorite slogan from our list to repeat often when he’s tempted to lie. Better yet, ask him to make up one of his own by asking, “What words might help you to choose honesty over lying?" 

In this parenting gift, you’ll receive 10 self-talk mottos, to start with, like:

“My heart feels best when my words are honest.”

“My truth is like gold when my honesty’s bold.”

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"I feel best when I'm honest."


Pick up these sayings and add them to your 3-hole binder to use when they’re needed.

Go to Honesty Mottos and insert the Code Word: MOTTOS



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