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I love sharing my counseling secrets from over 20 years as a child and family counselor.


I grew up in Seattle, Washington, the daughter of an accountant and a music teacher. Life in our neighborhood was kid-centered with biking, tag, kick-the-can, and comic book trading.

My school teachers filled our heads with motivational stories, great quotes, and poetry. This led me to become a teacher too. I taught elementary school in California, Connecticut, and Washington.

Because of the problem children in my classes, I decided to further my studies and become a counselor. My goal to unite teachers, parents, and children in their common challenges to build character and help kids succeed came true.

When I retired from my 22-year family counseling practice, the door to the internet swung wide open. With a website, blog, and newsletter, I love sharing my unique counseling secrets with parents worldwide.

Today I'm greatly rewarded by my loving husband, children, grandchildren, their pets, and our lively family discussions. Look for me in my office typing away on my laptop as I work on my next book or outside in the sunshine picking roses from my garden.


family brunches, writing newsletters, designing parenting products, and gardening, babysitting grandchildren, public speaking club, reading club