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The Family Meeting – How to Help Your Kids Discuss Friendships

Most kids don’t know how to make a friend. They may be shy, too loud, brag, or try too hard. If your child wants friends but doesn’t know how to make them, look inside.

"A cheerful friend is like a sunny day spreading brightness all around."
- John Lubcock

The Family Meeting

Teach your child how to make friends within the family meeting.

Let’s say your child has a basketball and sees some neighbor kids but doesn’t know how to approach them. Discuss with your child how to ask them to play.

  • Talk about why he must look cheerful
  • Instruct him to smile
  • Ask him what he’d say
  • Tell him call out to the kids in a loud clear voice
  • Role-play together how to make friends with them

Use the family meeting to teach your kids social skills. When kids discuss and role-play how to make friends, they’ll be prepared.  Enjoy watching them become friendly children. You’ll be teaching them an important skill for life. They’ll be happy and confident too.

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Does your child have trouble making friends?

Family Values ~ How to Help Kids Discuss Why Lying Is Wrong

If your kid tells lies, use the family meeting. It’s painful to learn that your kids lie to you, friends, and teachers. Look inside to find out how the family meeting can turn fibbers into honest children.

Always tell the truth. That way, you don't have to remember what you said. – Mark Twain

The Family Meeting

Have a story and some handy discussion questions ready to help your kids share their opinions about lying. Consider the following:

Let’s pretend you just told your mom that your little brother lost your homework. She’s scolding your brother and he’s crying. The truth is you never did your homework.

Will you tell the truth? Why or why not?

Why do you think kids lie?

Do you care if someone lies to you? Why?

How can you tell if a friend is lying?

How would you tell a friend he’s lying? Role-play it.

Why is being honest better than lying even when you know you’ll get into trouble?

Help your kids discuss why lying is wrong. Use short stories and good questions. You’ll find the family meeting to be the perfect place to teach them honesty.

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The Family Meeting ~ Kids Discuss Why Bragging Loses Friends

Do your kids brag? How do you stop them without crushing their spirits? Some kids say ridiculous things like, “My dad killed a bear with his bare hands.” Or “I’m the smartest kid in my whole class.” Such bragging needs to stop if they’re ever going to have friends. Look inside to see how the family meeting can help.

 “Tell me what you brag about and I’ll tell you what you lack.” – Spanish Proverb

It’s not pleasant to hear your Sophie brag to other kids. Before correcting her and crushing her feelings, consider using the family meeting.

The Family Meeting

Discuss why most kids don’t like kids who brag:

Ask your kids, “Why isn’t bragging a good idea for making friends?”

If you brag, what might kids think of you?

When you brag, why do kids think you feel like you’re better than them?

What might your bragging tell kids about how you feel about yourself?

What are better ways to make friends? Why?

Perhaps Sophie brags because she really is smarter, better at sports, and good at music. Sophie doesn’t realize that all kids want to feel important.

Maybe Sophie brags because she lacks self-confidence and tries to make other kids think she’s a big shot. Neither way works and kids won’t like her.

Spend lots of time on the last question because your Sophie needs to try different behaviors, like praising other kids for what they can do, if she ever hopes to make friends.

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The Family Meeting ~ Teaching Kids to Celebrate Each Others’ Events

Do your kids whine about going to school talent shows when their sibling is the star? How can you get your children to support each other? Look inside to see the power of the family meeting.

There are only two lasting bequests we an hope to give our children. One of these is roots: the other, wings. - Hodding Carter

Each child in your family has special gifts. Ask your members to describe the gifts they see in their brothers and sisters.

Let’s pretend your daughter, Amanda, is going to play a solo in the school musical. Use the family meeting to discuss how each member can support her.

The Family Meeting ~

Discuss the following questions:

·     “What is the meaning of family love?”

·     “How can we support Amanda to show that love?”

·     “Why should we attend each others’ ‘special’ events?”

·     “If it was your event, how would you want the family to support  you?”

·     “After the event what kind of celebration should there be for the Amanda?”   Let the Amanda pick the celebration she wants.

Imagine how loved your Amanda would feel. Her solid roots within the family would give her the wings to perform. Your family has the power to

give her those roots by celebrating her success. 

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Family Fun ~ Planning Bike Rides with Your Family

Where would your family like to bike? Are there special bike routes nearby? Or do you need a bike map to plan family fun? Look inside to see how family meetings can help you make the plans you need.

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.  - John Muir

The Family Meeting

The family meeting is ideal for planning bike rides with your family. Deciding where to go, mountains, river paths, or wilderness can be an exciting way to get the children involved.

Find out who is willing to:

Check bike gears and wheels

Prepare a picnic basket

Pack a blanket or two

Get out the biking helmets

Bring emergency medical supplies

Bring some bike tools

Map out the bike trail

Get everyone’s ideas for making this biking trip a fun event. When everyone’s involved, you can be sure your family will have fun.

How do you plan family fun?

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