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Experience The Power of Family with the Family Meeting Format

If your family meetings aren't fun, you're not doing them right. Nagging, scolding, and lectures have no place in family meetings.

Family meetings can be held around the dinner table, in the car, in the living room, and wherever it's convenient for your family. They can be formal or casual. The point is they unite your family with love, fun, time together, and are the place to share your family values.

Today you'll receive a popular format that's easy to follow and takes little time.

The weekly family meeting lasts only 20-30 minutes a week. The average child watches 23 hours of TV a week.

Opening - Commitments ~

The family meeting opens by checking the commitments from the last meeting.

 Compliments ~

Each member compliments every other member for a positive action he or she did the past week and then, compliments self.

Topic with Vote ~

Each member can bring up a family problem or fun event to discuss. Members vote on a problem to solve or a fun event to plan. The recorder writes down the problem or fun event.

Discussion ~

The family discusses the chosen topic. The solutions are recorded.

Commitments ~

Each member makes a specific promise to improve the family. Commitments are recorded and posted on the refrigerator as reminders.

A family game, a dessert, or both my follow the family meeting.

The Power of Family ~

Can you feel the power of family meetings? Can you see how they improve family life, include family fun, strengthen family love, and build character in your kids? As an added bonus, you'll be teaching your children communications skills, how to work as a group, solve problems, and have fun together. For only 30 minutes a week the payoff is huge.

If you have family meetings, what is your experience? 

Our next blog will offer 16 loving compliments from kids for family meeting members.

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Experience the Power of Family!

Would you like a loving relationship with your partner? Would you like a loving relationship with your children too? Of course you would. Let's find out what you can do to make it happen.

Perhaps you'd be surprised to know I grew up in a pretty white house, with dark green shutters, a circular driveway, and unhappy parents.

Dad came home each night, sat in his red velvet chair, read the newspaper, and waited for dinner. Mom banged the pots and pans, stomped from cupboards to stove, filled serving dishes, and then yelled, "Dinner's ready!" Every night I witnessed their silence and knew their love had died. 

I made a promise to myself. "I'll never live like that." I never have.

Don't let this happen to your family either. The next several blogs will become a free electronic course (eCourse) on my website. You get the first glimpse. In this eCourse, "Free Parenting Guide to Family Meetings," you learn how to create a loving home and experience the power of family.

Family meetings are the key. You and your partner will be working together to raise respectful children who love you and each other. Here are some of the tools you'll receive in this practical online course.

The Family Meeting Format

10 Sample Loving Compliments from Kids

10 Sample Loving Compliments from Parents

Problems to Solve ~ Events to Plan ~ Fun to have

3 Listening skills to practice ~ 3 Speaking skills to practice

10 Sample Commitments from Children to make the family strong.

10 Sample Commitments from Parents to make the family strong.

Lao Tsu once said, "The journey of a 1000 miles begins and ends with one step."

Let's begin that journey and build a family life filled with love for one another.

With this eCourse, I'll send a new tool to your email with each blog. You won't miss anything. Just sign up for my blog.

I want your comments too. Please share with all of us what you do to Experience the Power of Family! We want to know.

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How Family Meetings Help Kids Create a Family Photo Album

Are your family photo opportunities passing you by? Would you like to capture happy moments and keep them forever? The family meeting can bring your family together to create a family album keepsake. Find out how.

The Family Meeting:

Within the family meeting you can teach your children how to take pictures, pose, and design pictures layouts for your family album.

Consider telling members, "Draw names to see which member you will create album pages. Each member will take the pictures of their chosen person, decorate the pages, and layout the pictures.

You can teach your children:

  • The features of the camera
  • How to use the camera
  • How to create a good background for pictures
  • How to practice taking pictures
  • Ways to layout the pictures

 Set a family meeting time for taking pictures. Then set a family meeting time for putting the pages together.

Creating a photo album brings the family together and creates fun memories to cherish forever.

How do you save your family pictures?

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How Family Meetings Help Kids Create a Family Cookbook

Do you have fussy eaters? Do you make yummy meals they won't eat? Maybe you're afraid your kids are too skinny and won't grow. If you're like many parents, you prepare them separate meals. Let's face it, that's a lot of work. What to do?

Hold a Family Meeting:

Discuss the problem with all the members. Ask them for their solutions. Write them down. Ask them if they'd like to create their very own family cookbook.

If so, here are some questions to ask them:

What are you favorite foods?

What are the ingredients?

  1. Who wants to look through our cookbooks for those recipes?
  2. Now that you have the ingredients and some recipes, ask someone to write them down. It may be you, if your kids are too small.
  3. Pick someone to be the artist for your family cookbook.
  4. Use a notebook to record your brand new recipes and the ones from other cookbooks. 

Gather your kids to shop for their favorite ingredients. Get them to help create the meals too.

If one of your children doesn't like an ingredient another child likes, don't put that  ingredient on that child's plate.

At other times, teach your kids about "No Thank You" bites. That's taking at least one bite and if he doesn't like it he says, "No Thank You." One more thing, praise that child for taking that bite. 

Finally, teach your kids not to whine and tell Grandma how much they hate her cooking. Talking about Grandma's feelings ahead of time could stop their bellyaching. If you've taught them about "No Thank-You bites, this is the time to practice.

Make sure this project is fun and let me know how it's going.

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Blogging about character, parenting, and family solutions ~ Jean Tracy ~ www.KidsDiscuss.com

Blogging about character, parenting, and family Solutions ~ Jean Tracy ~




The Family Meeting: Kids Love Family Compliment Nights

Would your family feel closer if members complimented each other more often? Look inside to find out how to have a Family Compliment Night and build character too.

Sit in a circle. Place a bowl of popcorn in the middle. For your first Family Compliment Night have a parent show how to compliment by being the first compliment giver.

4 Easy Rules:

  1. All compliments must be completely positive.
  2. Only one person compliments per night.
  3. The family member who received the compliment says, "Thank you." and takes a handful of popcorn.
  4. The one who gives the compliment grabs a handful of popcorn and continues going around the circle giving compliments and grabbing more popcorn along the way.

Discuss the results with your family by asking:

  1. How did you like receiving a compliment? Why?
  2. How could holding a Family Compliment Night help our family?
  3. When shall we schedule the next Family Compliment Night?
  4. Who wants to be the next member to give compliments?

End by making another batch of popcorn and playing a fun family game.

Family Compliment Nights teach members to notice the goodness in each other. Members like hearing compliments too

Family Compliment Nights increase positive praise and decrease negative communication. They bond members closer and build family character too.

How does your family compliment each other?

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Family Meeting ~ How Kids Discuss Creating a Family Newsletter

Do you have a child who loves to write? Why not put your child's talent to use and bring your extended family together? Find out how the family meeting can help.

The Family Meeting:

Within the family meeting explore writing a family newsletter for the extended family by asking:

  1. Who wants to create a fun family newsletter?
  2. Who wants to be reporters?
  3. Who wants to type the information?
  4. Will the newsletter be sent by email?
  5. How often will the newsletter be sent?

What should be in the family newsletter?

  1. Will it start with an inspirational quote?
  2. How about a joke?
  3. How a place for announcing a member's accomplishments?
  4. Will the reporters call or email Grandma, Uncle Bill, or Aunt Sally for news about them?
  5. How can every member of the family be rotated into the newslettrs so no one is left out for long periods of time?

Family newsletters keep families together. You can read them at family meetings. Send them to all the relatives. Discuss them at family reunions and other celebrations.

Keep them in special binders and save as precious memories.

Life is so busy. Why not use the family meeting and newsletters to keep your family alive, happy and together?

How do you keep your extended family together?

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