The Family Meeting ~ 7 Parenting Committments You Must Make
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The Family Meeting ~ 7 Commitments Your Kids Must Make


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Would you like your children to be loyal, loving, and helpful? If you knew how, would you teach them to make your family better? Look inside to find out how.

Some people are givers. Some people are takers. The givers make things better. The takers are selfish. To teach your kids to give more and take less your family meetings can help.

Family meetings end with everyone commiting to make the family better in some way. Leisurely sit down with your kids. Discuss how commitments improve the life of the family. Share the 7 commitments below as examples of what you mean. Ask for their ideas too.

7 Commitments Kids Can Make:

  • To make the family better, I will set the table without being told.
  • To make the family better, I will fold my laundry and put it away.
  • To make the family better, I will clean the kitty litter.
  • To make the family better, I will do my homework before I play.
  • To make the family better, I will talk nicely to my brother.
  • To make the family better, I will take turns sharing the TV controller.
  • To make the family better, I will talk respectfully to my parents.
  • Imagine how much better your family could be with family meeting commitments.  Things would run more smoothly. Your kids would give more and take less. Everyone would be strengthening the family.

    At the end of the meeting, write down the all commitments. As reminders, post them where everyone can see. At the beginning of the next meeting review how each member kept their commitments.

    Let us know how you involve your children in making your family stronger and your kids more loyal. Your ideas are valuable. Just click on the comment link below.

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