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Motivation: How This Mother Uses Stories to Motivate Her Kids

Motivation: How This Mom Becomes Her Kids Goal Setting Cheerleader

Your child's motivation may need a boost when she wants to give up. Find out this mom's strategy when her children are discouraged.

I acknowledge how they feel - that they might be discouraged, tired, disappointed, afraid - and remind them that everyone feels that way from time to time. Then I talk about what it will be like when they reach their goal. What it will look like, how they will feel, how others will react (kiddy visualization). Then with me right by their side cheering them on just give them some version of "GO FOR IT". - from Lora B.

I like how Lora starts with kids feelings. Acknowledging those feelings helps kids feel understood. It can motivate too. She also uses visualization to help her kids see and feel the positive picture to strive for. 

Motivation and Goal Setting for Kids Using Visualization:

  1. Ask, how will it look when you reach your goal?
  2. Ask, how will you feel when you reach your goal?
  3. Ask, what can you tell yourself to help reach your goal?

Parents, when your kids can see, feel, and say positive self-talk all in the same moment, their goals will be within reach.

I did this with my son, Brian, when he was 10-years-old. The baseball coach told Brian he would pitch in the next game. Brian had never pitched before. We sat down and did what Lora suggested. Brian saw, felt, and used positive self-talk.

He struck all the batters out. It was amazing. Like Lora I was his biggest cheerleader. 

One more thing, this was his self-talk sentence: "I am pitching powerfully into the catcher's mitt." And he did.

If you'd like my visualization kit for kids go to Goal Setting Pyramid Then watch your child succeed.

Do you agree or disagree with Lora about visualizing and cheerleading? Why? Please post your comments in the link below.


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