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Motivation: How This Mother Uses Stories to Motivate Her Kids

Motivation through stories gives your child a jewel to deposit in his memory bank with every story. When he remembers the story he remembers the moral. This moral could help him make good choices throughout his lifetime.

A Motivation Problem:

One mother's son is 9-years-old. He is well liked by all because he's sensitive to others. Yet he sets himself up for disappointment because he expects to succeed with his first effort. His mother is worried.

I think Lora has a solution that this mother might try. You can use it too.

I often use stories of famous people or heroes who overcame obstacles to show that not everyone, in fact no one, gets everything on the first (or second or third) try. The important thing is to keep trying. - from Lora

This reminds me of a character building chart I'm using with a child who's

 learning to read.

He'd like to get everything correct on the first try too. To keep him motivated I

 try 4 things:  

1. His character building chart has this goal at the top: I Keep Trying

 2. Every time he sincerely tries a reading activity he receives a star for his chart.

 3. I change activities often so he won't feel bored.

 4. Like Lora, I use stories before we even start a session.

 For instance, I told him the story of Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the light bulb. He

 didn't invent the light bulb on the first try. In fact, Mr. Edison said he knew a thousand ways

 not to invent a light bulb. He never gave up.

So far my young student has 18 stars. He counts them with pride every time he

 adds another star.

If you'd like stories with good morals to motivate your kids, check out these

Short Stories.

To get a ready-made character building chart, pick up my Character Building Kit  and

 watch your child keep on trying.

What do you think of Lora's use of stories to motivate kids?

Why? Please add your comments in the comment link below.

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