5 Parenting Tips for Teaching Responsibility through Chores
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2 Parenting Tips for Building Character and Childhood Responsibility

Parents, life can be tough if your kids aren't responsible. Do you know parents who let their kids play before their chores? Many parents do and then wonder why their kids won't do their chores. Look inside for 2 statements that can turn things around if they're said often and used consistently.

2 Parenting Tips that Build Character and Childhood Responsibility

1.  "Work before play." This daily refrain like a popular melody must be implanted in kids' brains. When kids consistently work before play, they become responsible children.

2.  "First this, then that." Repeat this similar refrain when kids want to shirk their chores, homework, or practices like sports and music lessons.

Samples of both:

1. Do your work before you play with your friends.

2. First practice your guitar then you may watch TV.

One Reason Why Building Character and Childhood Responsibility Is Important

Not long ago I met Officer Stratton. He hoped parents wouldn't be fooled into raising self-indulgent, lazy kids with weak characters. Officer Strutton had worked in a state prison system. He told me, "The number one trait of inmates was laziness. It's what got them there in the first place."

Parents, the above 2 parenting tips can prevent laziness if you're consistent in repeating and following through with them. Use them to build self-discipline, character, and childhood responsibility. They're easy to say and easy to use.

One more thing, you are your child's best teacher.

Do you agree with Officer Stratton? Please comment in the link below.

With warm wishes,

Jean Tracy, MSS

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