Interview about Respect and Manners ~ How Parents Teach Kids to Be Polite
Respect Is Strong When Parents Lead ~ An Interview

Interview about Respect ~ How to Know If Your Teenager Has Self Respect

How do you know if your teenager has self respect? I interviewed a teen named Paula. Some of her answers surprised me. Maybe they'll surprise you too.

I asked Paula to give 5 endings to the phrase:

1.  Teenagers Show Self Respect By...

P.  Laughing with each other.

J.  What do you mean?

P.  Laughing with each other shows respect because it shows the teenager likes herself enough to make friends and have fun together.

2.  Teenagers Show Self Respect By...

P.  Caring for their belongings.

J.  How does that show self respect?

P.  Some kids lose or trash their things and expect their parents to get them new things, like cell phones, computers, or clothes.  A teenager who takes care of their belongings shows they have respect for those things. They also show respect for their parents because they won't be asking for replacements. They show self respect because they are being responsible.

3.  Teenagers Show Self Respect By...

P.  Standing up for themselves when they are bullied.

J.  How?

P.  Teenagers show self respect when they don't listen to bullies who say bad things about them. These teenagers think enough of themselve to know that the bad things said are not true. They'll turn and walk away because they don't let the mean words get to them.

4.  Teenagers Show Self Respect By...

P.  Not caving into pressure from other teenagers just to be liked.

J.  What do you mean.

P.  This ties it all together. They care about their bodies and choose not to do bad things to it just because others are doing it.

5. Teenagers Show Self Respect By...

P. Being close with their familes.

J.  How does "close with their families" fit in with self respect?

Other teenagers see that your family influences you more because you respect your family. Because you are a member of your family, it shows that you respect yourself too.

Conclusion for Interview on Self Respect with a Teenager:

I appreciated this interview with Paula because she's headed in a good direction. Paula showed the importantce of self respect in liking yourself, laughing with friends, standing up for yourself, not caving into pressure, and being close with your family. She also tied self respect to taking care of her belongings.

Action Step for You to Take with Your Teen, Tween, or Younger Child:

Ask your children to give you 5 endings to "Kids Show Self Respect by..." Then get them to discuss each answer. You may be surprised.

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With warm wishes,

Jean Tracy, MSS

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