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Respect ~ A Parenting Interview: How Would Parents Know Their Kids Respect Them?

Most parents can tell if their kids respect them. They can tell from their children's words, attitudes, and actions. I met with Scott and Andrea, the parents of two daughters. I asked them the questions below.

How Would Parents Know Their Kids Respect Them?

1. Parents wouldn't have to repeat their requests. Kids would do what parents ask the first time.

2.  Kids would listen to what parents say without interrupting.

3.  Kids wouldn't raise their voices or be sarcastic to their parents.

4.  Kids would volunteer to help parents.

5.  Kids would perform kind acts at home.

6.  Children would ask for what they want with positive statements instead of whining.

7.  When entering a room, kids would see what needs to be done and do it without being asked.

How Would Kids Know Parents Respect Them?

1. Parents would speak kindly of their children in front of others. No jokes at kids expense!

2. Parents would avoid making their child feel stupid when she isn't good at something.

3. Parents would ask kids for their opinions.

4. At family meetings parents would ask, 'Is there anything I did this past week you wish I had done differently?'

5. At family meetings parents would have each child give compliments to each member.

6. Parents would form the habit of looking for the good in their kids and telling them.

7. Parents would show kids how to get along from their own example.

After the interview, I marveled at how easily these parents came up with great ideas. Good parenting was important to them. Obviously, they gave parenting a lot of thought and consideration.

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