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Family Conversations can create family fun. Our guest blogger today is Chanie Monoker, founder of the DAS Center. He'll tell you what he does to create fun in his family.

Family Conversations Das Center

"There is a "game" called Family Talk (and Family Talk 2) which is a series of cards on a ring with each card containing questions. While no ages are given, different questions are more appropriate for different ages.

It's a great way to have a neutral conversation about things that are meaningful to each person. Things like:

1. What's your favorite... or

2. What's your worst... or

3. Do you remember your driver's test?

The latter might be more appropriate for teens, but even tweens will enjoy listening to others' experiences."

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Owner at Das Center: Developing Awareness a Student at a time 

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The Family Discussion Kit

You'll find 51 Dilemmas for Your Family to Enjoy Discussing.

Jean's Response:

I appreciate Chanie's idea about having fun together. Games are a great way to feel closeness and enjoy each other. They promote family conversations too.

Another way to have fun is to work on jigsaw puzzles together. Our extended family uses the easier 300 large piece puzzles. We ask each other for the pieces we need and talk about the puzzle during snack breaks.

We all have different styles. I always look for the outline pieces. My daughter looks for special pictures pieces inside the puzzle. Even my 3-year-old granddaughter finds pieces to add. And my 12-year-old granddaughter hides the last piece so she can add it at the end.

What's really neat is we all work together. We enjoy admiring our completed puzzle together too.

Having ways to enjoy each other goes a long way toward becoming a close-knit loving family.

What Do You Do for Family Fun?

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