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Teach Your Children Leadership Skills Today!

If you'd like to build character and raise a leader, stay tuned. Alex Uch, a freelance writer, is sharing 6 ways to teach your kids leadership skills from his article "6 Things You Can Do To Develop Leadership Skills in Your Kids."

Some children are natural born leaders.  Others, however, struggle with stepping up and taking a leaderships position.  It is important that as a parent you do your best to help develop leadership skills in your kids to help prepare them for the future.   Use the tips below to guide you in developing these all important skills.

1. Encourage them to make decisions. Are you guilty of controlling each and every decision your kids make?  Decision making is one of the most important aspects of being a leader. Allowing them to make their own decisions regarding the simple things such as what to wear, their hairstyles, etc., you are helping them develop the decision making skills needed to be a leader.

2. Help strengthen communication skills. Communication is also crucial to leadership skills.  Teach your kids the foundation of communication by talking with them and allowing them to express how they feel. Encourage them to talk to adults to gain practice in communication.

3. Teach them to negotiate with friends and peers. This is a tough skill to teach but can be very beneficial in developing leadership skills. Trading playing cards is one example of how your child can learn negation skills.

4. Problem solving skills will be important. Don’t jump in to solve problems for your kids.  Give them opportunities to work it out on their own. 

5. Teach your kids to plan ahead. Real leaders know how to plan ahead.  Can your child plan ahead for things that will happen soon? Let them take part in planning family events or vacations.  It will be fun for them and they will learn leadership skills along the way.

6. Don’t be too pushy! Don’t overreact if your child isn’t a natural born leader. Sometimes, it takes time to develop these skills.  Being too pushy may actually drive them away from wanting to take on a leadership role.  Help them along but don’t go overboard with it.

Leaderships skills will come naturally for some kids.  These children will need very little encouragement to develop the necessary skills to be successful in life.  If your child needs a little help along the way, use the tips above as guidance in developing leadership skills.

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