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How Teenagers Grieve After Losing a Friendship

 Grieving Teenager
Teenager Grieving at Losing a Friendship

When teenagers grieve the loss of a friendship, parents know. It breaks their hearts to see their teen so sad. Here’s a typical teen reaction. It’s brought to us by the authors of Teen Grief Relief: Parenting with Understanding and Support and Guidance. Perhaps you’ve seen it in your child.

“What Happens to Friendships”

“As a parent, you know friendships are pivotal relationships for your teenager. Friends help set the trends and let teenagers know what is cool and what is not. Teenagers tell us that, after a few weeks, many of their old and trusted friends drop by the way side. Listen to Ashley:”

“After about a month, I stopped getting invited to hang out with friends. Sure, I could call them, and they would invite me to go along, but I wasn’t being asked to go to the movies or party with them. I was so angry that I finally stopped carrying my cell phone.”

“Ashley’s comment is typical of some of the suffering teenagers to thought. Bereaved teenagers tell us that they final gave up on many of their old friends. They tell us that people expected them to get back to “normal.” The expectations were too heavy, and they often turned to new relationships. They talk about some new and positive friendships being formed, but on the whole they feel than many of their past friends turned out not to be “true friends” – another loss.

As new friends come along, your teen may gravitate toward angry teens who are dealing with losses of their own. These unhappy, belligerent teens understand what anger is all about and can handle their bereaved friend’s mood swings. These are rocky shores, and teens need special support at this time."

******Let's give a special THANK YOU to Drs. Heidi and Gloria Horsley, the authors of Teen Grief Relief. We appreciate their knowledge and research.

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Pick up their book, Teen Grief Relief: Parenting with Understanding, Support and Guidance. All teens go through grief at some point. Learn how to help your teenager with their treasured solutions.


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