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 Father and Son
How a Father and Son Deal with Blame and Forgiveness

If you're a dad and want to talk about blame and forgiveness, read this letter from a father to his son. Our expert author and expert blogger, Jamie Bohnett shares how he recognized a "protruding plank" in his own eye. This is from his book, Letters to My Son.

The Protruding Plank ~ Blaming Others 

Dear Son,

I just wrote on Facebook that, "There are two things that I hate to experience when I am driving:

1. People who tailgate me and

2. When I tailgate people and they slow down.

I'm sure you get the point. It is easy to be critical of others and be completely blind to our own wrong attitude or behavior. I wonder why it is so easy to blame others (whom I can't control) while denying my own responsibility (which I can control).

Sometimes I get upset at how kids today fail to take personal responsibility. But I need to take a look at the log in my own eye.

1. What have I modeled?

2. When I am wrong, do I always humbly ask for forgiveness?

I believe I usually do eventually, but it isn't my first natural response, that's for sure. I believe this is part of our fallen condition, son.

For years I have spoken to men and this is one area where we as men have some poor role models from our fathers. Very few men have fathers who showed them how to humble themselves and ask for forgiveness when they were wrong. It is a generational curse of stubborn pride.

Son, please forgive me for all of the times when I have been your "speck inspector," while ignoring the protruding plank sticking out of my own eye! I know I have done this and I am so sorry.

In humble need of your forgiveness,


Jamie Bohnett

Let's APPLAUDJamie Bohnett for sharing his letter and how to ask forgiveness when we need to. You'll find his book, Letters To My Son on

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