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Building Character with Fun Stories and Key Questions

If you could build character in your kids with stories and 5 key questions, would you? Below you'll find a small sample story with questions you can use today. I've added a fun one minute video too.

A Character Building Story for Kids:

Melody tiptoed into the kitchen. The smell of freshly baked cookies filled the air. Melody

spied the cookie jar. As she quietly lifted the lid, her mother walked in.

"Melody, what are you doing?"

"The lid is crooked, " she replied.

"I told you, "No more cookies. They're for dinner."

"I wasn't going to eat any," whined Melody. "I was just going to fix the lid.

These 5 Key Questions Help Kids to Think in Ways that Build Character:

1. Do you think Melody told the truth? Why?

2. Do you think most kids would believe Melody? Why?

3, How do you think Melody felt about getting caught?

4. Have you ever fibbed about something? Can you share it?

5. What advice would you give Melody?

These 5  Character Traits Are Your Goal:

When your children answers the 5 key questions it will help them think in ways that build character. These are the character traits the questions promote.

1. Role-taking ~ seeing things from the others' perspective.

2. Social-awareness ~ being aware of what most kids would  think.

3. Empathy ~ being aware of and caring about others' feelings.

4. Self-reflection ~ Examining one's own thoughts and feelings.

5. Good Advice Giving ~ Taking to heart the advice we give others and following it when we need it ourselves.

When you use fun problem stories in your family discussions you'll find out straight from their lips, how your children really think. With that knowledge you can guide them well.

Use discussion stories at the dinner table, in the car, and during your bedtime chats.

My new e-book, Character Building: Problem Stories for Family Discussions is available on Amazon. It is filled with stories to help your kids think, feel, and build character.

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Sit back, relax, and share your opinions about this blog post or your suggestions for building character in your kids? Please answer in the comment link below. We want to hear from you.

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