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Children Need Parents to Be Accepting!

If you're a parent who needs to accept your child and yourself, you'll like these 10 parenting affirmations. Our expert parenting author, Shefali Tsabary, PhD, will share 5 affirmations for accepting your child and 5 self-accepting affirmations. Why not try them today?

If our children are behaving in a manner we deem to be "bad" out of a sense of defiance, the appropriate response is firmness. If they are being "bad" because they are having trouble handling painful emotions, we need to be understanding. If they are needy and clingy, we many need to be cuddly and attentive, or-if we have been overly attentive and haven't fostered independence in them-we may need to help them learn to be content in themselves and comfortable being alone...

5 Affirmations for Helping Parents Accept Their Child

1. I accept my child is different.

2. I accept my child is quiet.

3. I accept my child can be stubborn.

4. I accept my child takes time to warm up to things or people.

5. I accept my child gets upset quickly.

Why Parents Need to Accept Themselves

Our ability to accept our children is directly linked to our ability to accept ourselves-both as we are presently, and for what we have the potential to become. After all, how can we hope to raise our children to be freethinkers and free-spirited if we aren't these things ourselves? How can we raise independent, autonomous children if we ourselves aren't independent and autonomous? How can we raise another human being, and other spirit, if our own being has been largely dismissed, our spirit systematically squelched?

5 Self-Accepting Affirmations for Parents

1. I accept I am a human being before I am a parent.

2. I accept I have limitations and many shortcomings, and this is okay.

3. I accept I don't always know the right way.

4. I accept I can be selfish and unthinking in my dealings with my child.

5. I accept I don't always know how to respond to my child.

When we are unable to accept our children, it's because they open up old wounds in us, threatening some ego-attachment we are still holding onto. Unless we address why we can't embrace our children for precisely who they are, we will forever either seek to mold, control, and dominate them-or we will allow ourselves to be dominated by them. (from pages 33-37)


I like how Dr. Tsabary discusses the need to accept who we are with our own weaknesses to be able to accept the weaknesses in our children. She isn't talking about being a permissive parent but rather a better parent.


Let's PRAISE Dr. Tsabary for sharing her deep thoughts about becoming a Conscious Parent.

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        Dr. Tsabary

You can pick up her book, The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves Empowering Our Children

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It's available on


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