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10 Parenting Tips: Discuss Peer Pressure, Drugs and Alcohol with Teens


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If you need some parenting tips for talking to your teens about peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, you'll find them here. Our parenting expert and author, Dr. Parnell Donahue, is sharing an excerpt from his hopeful book for parents, Messengers in Denim. Since today is Dr. Donahue's birthday, he is giving you a free gift. You find it below.

What Research Suggests about Parents' Influence

Parents exert significant influence on whether their kids choose to drink, smoke, or use illegal drugs. And the earlier parents talk to kids about their social problems, the more effective they are. The number one reason teens give for not using alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is that they do not want to disappoint their parents.

Parenting Tips for Talking with Kids

1. Discuss both good and bad aspects of peer pressure with your kids.

2. Don't accept peer pressure as an excuse for unacceptable behavior. Kids really make their own decisions.

3. Remember that parental pressure is as influential as peer pressure, if not more so.

4. Listen to your kids.

5. Know your kids' friends and their friends' parents.

6. Re-evaluate your own friendships. Are your friends the kind of people you want your kids to become? If not, it's time for a change.

7. Keep tobacco, alcohol, and drugs out of your home and away from your kids!

8. Talk with your kids frequently about alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Use every opportunity that society provides.

9. If you use alcohol, use it with temperance and responsibility. If you use tobacco or illegal drugs, QUIT.

10. Encourage your kids to tell the authorities if they know of a peer who is using alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

So if you have children, start talking to them at age 10 or 11 about alcohol and drugs. Tell them what you expect their behavior to be and bring up the subject again every chance you get. (Hollywood and its stars will provide you with more than enough opportunities.) This excerpt is from pages 128-130.


Perhaps you need to talk to your teenager about teen sexuality. Dr. Donahue shares how to have this discussion. Pick up his book, Messengers in Denim: Amazing Things Parents Can Learn from Teens.

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