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If you're a parent and want to get your needs met in your relationship, our marriage and couple author and expert, Dr. Jackie Black ,will show you how. Now you can keep your commitment and be happier too. Let's listen to her advice with an excerpt from her book, Love Like a Black Belt: Cracking the Code to Being a Happy Couple.

Parents, Discover Your Needs with Answers to These Questions:

Here are a few things to think about that might help you understand the concept of personal needs and values from another viewpoint. You might find it helpful to take a sheet of paper and pencil out and jot down your responses to the questions in this section. 

Do you have a need for intimacy? For achievement? For results? For companionship?

Reflect on your own needs-do you know what they are? Remember, this is something you are doing for yourself, so be honest! When a need gets met you may feel soothed, relieved, excited, accepted, loved, understood, valued or energized. When a need is not met you may feel upset, angry, disappointed, frustrated, alienated or rejected.

. Can you think of a need (or two) that is being met right now or that has been met in the past?

. How do you feel when a need of yours gets met? Can you recall how you felt when one of your needs was not met?

. Did you notice that your needs are requirements of something or someone to change or be different, to be better or be more?

. Did you notice any concerns or beliefs that there isn't anyone in your life who is able or willing to meet your needs? Think about what you noticed and how it made you feel.

If you have trouble identifying your needs, it is an indication you may not be fully aware of your needs.

You may not believe that it is okay for you to have needs. You may be ashamed of having needs and sometimes even not allow yourself to have needs. Or you may have denied that you have needs for so long that a part of you isn't letting you know.

Whatever your "good" reason, don't worry, I can assure you that identifying your needs, become aware of how your needs can be met, and having them met, is a very do-able process! (from pages 8-9)

To discover your values go to page 9-13. Jackie's information is priceless!


I admire Dr. Jackie for providing the right questions to help us get our needs met in our relationships. If you purchase her book, you'll learn how to become a happier person in a better relationship.

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Let's THANK Dr. Jackie for helping us discover our needs with the right questions.

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