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Parenting Succeeds When Children Learn Integrity!

If building character in your kids and promoting integrity are importing parenting skills to you, keep reading. Our parenting expert and author, Annie Fox, is sharing an excerpt from her brand new book, Teaching Kids to Be Good People.


Real World Assignment: Integrity

When kids get the message that their best isn't good enough unless they take home the gold, how can we be surprised when they break the rules to get what they want (including our approval)?

Fuel for Thought

Where did you learn your values regarding personal integrity? When a cashier or waitperson makes a mistake in your favor, how do you typically respond? Would you respond differently if your child were with you? Think about a recent time when your integrity was tested? What happened? What did you learn?

Conversations That Count

Discuss the concept of "personal integrity" (adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty). To make the concept real, share examples with each other of when you stuck with your principles as well as instances when you let your principles slip. Discuss what you learned when you did and did not live up to your own standards. Together, explore the connection between integrity and trust and what can happen when we find out someone we trusted hasn't been trustworthy.


Check in regularly with your child about tests of his/her personal integrity at school and online. Creating a safe place to talk about ethical challenges helps kids gain confidence in processing options and doing the right thing.


Annie Fox encourages us to really talk with our children about issues in their lives. She tells us to make our homes a safe place to share their moral dilemmas and concerns. You'll find top-notch advice in her book with real life problems and solutions. She is a nationally respected character educator with 30+ years of experience.

Pick up Annie Fox's book, Teaching Kids To Be Good People, Progressive Parenting for the 21st Century

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Let's give our heartfelt THANKS to Annie Fox for giving us the information we need to build character in our children.

  Author Annie Fox

       Annie Fox, M.ED.


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