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How Imagination Uses Hands to Overcome Shyness

If you're a parent you want to help your shy child with a fun imagination strategy, here's a method you can use today. Our expert parenting author, Dr. Charlotte Reznick, is sharing an excerpt from her book, The Power of Your Child's Imagination.


Listen as Whitney uses her own hands to talk to each other. Find out how this strategy began to open her up.

How Whitney's Self-Interview Helped Her Talk to Herself

Whitney was an extremely shy eleven-year-old who was just learning to communicate with herself this way. We were working on opening her up to what brought her joy. Her hand-to-hand interview is a great example of how this works.

Whitney's Dominant Hand (DH)

Whitney's Nondominant Hand (ND)

DH: Why don't you speak up?

ND: I don't know why.

DH: I want you to speak up.

ND: I don't think so.

DH: Let's just try a little bit. I won't get mad. I want to talk.

ND: Okay, I like to sing.

DH: Thank you. I like to sing too. What else do you like to do?

ND: I like to dance.

DH: When would you like to dance?

ND: Next Thursday at 5 p.m.

DH: I will ask my mom to look into a class.

ND: Good.

DH: What else do you like to do?

ND: I like to write stuff.

DH: What kind of stuff do you like to write?

  ND: Stories mostly, and plays.

DH: Would you like me to write more?

ND: Yes.

DH: What else do you like to do?

ND: I like to swim.

DH: I don't like to swim. How do we resolve this? 

ND: We don't have to go.

DH: Would a bath be as good as swimming?

ND: Uh-hmm.

DH: How often?

ND: One to three mornings?

DH: Thank you. When would you want to talk again?

ND: Welcome. Not now.

DH: Is it okay if we talk every day or something?

ND: Yes.

Our Author's Explanation of the Results

Because Whitney was new to this, her questions and answers were short and simple. As she got comfortable, they became more fluid.

She also seemed to contradict herself, but ambivalence is a natural part of life. Some part of her was curious about swimming; another was wary. These are the contradictions that nondominant writing negotiates well.

This time the solution was a bath; next time she could invite herself into a real pool. All kinds of possibilities arise when a child establishes such communication with herself.


I liked how this hand-to hand interview was both fun and helpful to Whitney. Dr. Charlotte has filled her book with so many creative ways to use the imagination. Her work is amazing.


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Let's APPRECIATE Dr. Charlotte for her outstanding book filled with tools to help our children handle life's daily struggles.

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Dr. Charlotte Reznick


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