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Are Your Kids Motivated?

If you'd like to motivate your child, but find it quite challenging, our expert parenting author and master teacher is here to help. Carol Josel, in her book, Other-Wise and School-Wise, is inviting you to ask your child a powerful question. First you must ask yourself, "What motivates you?"

Getting a Move On

Motivation: whatever gets you moving, either externally, such as gold stars, the promise of a reward, even being grounded, or internally, such as will power, goals, and self-satisfaction.

Competition: seeking to win or gain what's wanted by others; rivalry.

QUESTION: What motivates you to work hard as a parent? How about professionally, socially, and personally? For instance, after working all day, what gets you to make dinner, help with homework, hop on the treadmill?

__Competing with myself?

__Competing with others?

__Meeting deadlines?

__Reaching goals?

__Being a role model?

__Challenging myself?

__Pleasing others?


__Personal satisfaction?

__Surpassing expectations?


QUESTION: Now ask your child what motivates him/her to forge ahead, tackle school work, participate in activities, and the like? Do you agree?

__Competing with myself?

__Competing with others?

__Academic success?

__Love of learning?

__Challenging myself?

__Parental approval?



__Pleasing teachers, friends?

__Sports requirements?

__Avoiding summer school?

__Interest/ curiosity?

__College/scholarship hopes?

__Career hopes?

"The person who tries to be better than himself is likely to have more success than the person who tries to be better than someone else." ~ Anonymous (From page 63)

You'll find lots of great ideas in Carol's Part 8, "On Motivation and Goal-Setting."


I like Carol Josel's approach to finding out what motivates you first. Her list helps you expand your outlook on what drives you to accomplish things. After you acknowledge what motivates you, ask your student.

Just sit down with your child and go over Carol's list. Let your child to think about and discuss each one. Listen more than talk.

When you're finished discussing, you should have a good idea what motivates your child. Your next step is to see how you can help without being pushy.


Pick up Carol Josel's book Other-Wise and School-Wise: A Parent Guidebook

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Let's THANK Carol for her wisdom and work in helping parents raise successful students.

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Carol Josel, Master Teacher


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