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Me-First Freda

If you're a parent and you've ever been embarrassed by your children's manners, you need to read, Character Building for Kids: Cartoon Guide to Good Manners.

Today, Wednesday, January 9th and tomorrow, January 10th it is completely free. Why? Amazon helps authors increase their ranking when authors give their kindle books free on specific days.

If you haven't picked up my book yet, please do today or tomorrow.  There are 19 five star reviews at Amazon for: Character Building for Kids: Cartoon Guide to Good Manners with Family Discussions


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Free Gift -
January 9th and 10th - Tues. and Wed.

 Here are 4 of those reviews:

Cartoon Tattletale bigstock
Tattletale Kids

"This is such a wonderful tool for teaching your children the values and virtues we all wish to instill in our children while keeping it light and entertaining for the kids. I particularly love the sections of this book that have the parent ask the children to explain a way a situation could have been handled better.

If you are looking for a way to open the lanes of communication with your child on how to behave better, this is the book for you.

The short little examples in this book are made easier and more fun for the child by using age appropriate pictures that they have fun looking at. I love this book and highly recommend it to any parent." – Ionia Martin


Cartoon Peter bigstock-32287766
Impatient Peter

"Thank you so much for this easy to use tool for children and grown-ups. The lessons are light, easy to use and yet very well grounded.

Jean Tracy is a very focused and dedicated author. She keeps on producing materials for raising great kids. This book and the author get a thumb's up from me!" – Jean-Yves


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Unfriendly Fifi

"I am a mom of two elementary boys. I have read many books about developing characters in young children. This is the only book that my kids and I 'fight' to read."

– Jan Zhao


 Cartoon Jean bigstock12784472

Coughing Jean

"This book is a fabulously playful approach to teaching our kids important social skills.

Jean Tracy has created a fun, endearing group of characters who, while possessing abundant great qualities (a list of which Tracy provides right off the bat), struggle with a particular bad habit.

Illustrating this habit in short vignettes, it's clear that the behavior is causing our little character grief in his or her relationships (i.e., sneezing where she pleases doesn't win many friends).

At the end of each section are questions and exercises that help kids process the lesson. This is a great tool for parents and for therapists who work with children.

Tracy clearly knows kids!" - Shelly White

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Please support me and pick up Character Building for Kids: Cartoon Guide to Good Manners with Family Discussions

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