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5 Parenting Tips: Listen to Your Baby and Increase His Brain Power


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Love Your Baby

Being the parent of a baby means you have the power to stimulate his brain cells. Our parenting expert and author of the Love Your Baby packets, Deborah McNelis, will share what your wants and needs most from you.

Your Baby from 0-3 Months

First Parenting Tip: My brain wasn't fully developed when I was born. Loving interaction is what I need most to help it grow best.

Tender Touch

Second Parenting Tip: While changing my clothes or diapers, take a minute and warmly and gently rub my back, arms, and legs. Let me feel your warmth.

Third Parenting Tip: Touch stimulates my brain growth. My body and brain will actually stop growing without touch.

Loving Me Calms Me

Fourth Parenting Tip: Realize that loving me does NOT spoil me. Show the love you feel for me through all of the interactions we have together.

Fifth Parenting Tip: Hearing you talk and letting me respond makes needed connections in my brain. This leads to developing language on my own.


This card packet is full of loving advice. Deborah McNelis makes it easy to love your baby and increase his brain power. You'll appreciate the colorful cards with their beautiful pictures. Why not read the cards appropriate to your baby's age? They'll help you remember what to do and how to show your baby love.

Deborah has card packets for babies, one-year-olds, two-year-olds, 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, and 5-year-olds at: Brain Insights

Cover BrainInsights

Let's THANK Deborah McNelis for her studies in brain research and for bringing that knowledge to us in such loving and delightful ways.

Author, Deborah McNelis
        Deborah McNelis

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