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Get Help for You and Your Troubled Teen!

If you're the parent of a troubled teenager, you don't need to be at your wits end. Our parenting expert and author, Sue Scheff, shares her true story with her daughter, Ashlyn, and what she did to turn things around in her book, Wit's End: Advice and Resources for Saving Your Out-Of-Control Teen.

Today, Sue is sharing an excerpt including 6 first steps for parents to take when they need help. Perhaps they are enough for some parents. If not, she has lots of advice and more resources for parents to explore.

Choosing the Program That Best Fits Your Child's Needs

This is the Action Section of the book. It is written for you. You have a problem with your child that is too serious to be ignored. Here is how your options break down.

1. Local Therapy.

If you have not yet tried individual counseling and/or group therapy for your teen, this really must be your first stop in dealing with out-of-control behavior. We assume that your child's behavior is of such concern to you that you have bypassed "light-touch" approaches, like having a relative or teacher give her a pep talk. The situation is beyond anything that your cleric, if you have one, can minister away.

You may have tried arranging a visit to a jail for your teen, a personal "scared straight" move on your part. Those things can work, temporarily, but what about the root causes themselves?

If you have hesitated about using local therapy or counseling over financial concerns, then a few quick online searches can put you in touch with state - and county sponsored local programs or university-sponsored programs for very little cost.

A lack of money should not stop any parent from seeking and locating affordable mental-health services. They are out there. Check your local yellow pages or online directory for Mental Health Services. Your local United Way should also offer resources.

2. Placement with a Friend or Relative...

3. Transferring Your Child to a Different School...

4. Church Groups...

5. Local Parent Support Groups...

6. Parent and Teen Coaching...


Sue Scheff had more to share for numbers 2-6 and it is well worth your reading and consideration because Sue is thorough.

Sue cares about parents and their teens. She's been through the worst and has turned things around. Her daughter, Ashlyn, helped in the writing of this book because she, like her mother, wants to help families who are experiencing the painful turmoil with troubled teenagers.


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Let's PRAISE Sue Scheff for sharing her story with Ashlyn in the first part of Wit's End and provided many helpful resources in the second part including the ones in this article. It is clear that her goal is to help all of us with out-of-control teens.

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