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Couples in Love Respect Each Other

If you're a parent in love and feel uncomfortable about your partner's values, keep reading. Our expert author of Love Like a Black Belt,  Dr. Jackie Black, is here to discuss 5 basic rules of conduct. Let's find out what they are and why you should not violate them.


1. Effort

2. Etiquette

3. Sincerity

4. Character

5. Self-Control

The fact is that everyone identifies with core values that give life direction, meaning and purpose. Without these core values, you're a rudderless boat with no way to steer through rough weather.

When two people enter a relationship, whether it's an intimate relationship, friendship or a business relationship, the word "compromise" often enters the discussion. Should you make compromises to foster a stronger relationship?

Be very careful about compromise. It is one thing to accommodate another person's schedule or lay aside personal preference when picking the color of a set of drapes. It's quite another when the relationship challenges your core values and beliefs.

Each of them is intimately linked to the value and ideal of respect.

1. Effort: This is quality of your expression of life.

Putting in a great effort certainly shows respect (caring) for yourself, but ultimately demonstrates respect and appreciation for the people who teach, mentor and coach you to the highest levels of performance.

2. Etiquette: This is how we demonstrate respect for one another.

Just think about the lack of etiquette and formal protocol in today's society and you'll understand what happens when we let this value slip. In a relationship, this is how you show tangibly that you respect your partner.

3. Sincerity: Deeper than honesty, though you can certainly apply that word as well.

Sincerity is being honest to you. This is the most authentic expression of self-respect and is essential if you are to have the capability of expressing respect to others.

4. Character: Character is who you are and how you project yourself to others.

Character shows respect for your community and the people you live and work with. If you are of good character, you are a leader by example. People of character are a valuable resource for others.

5. Self-Control: Most of all, self-control is a demonstration of respect for your place in nature.

Acting with reasonable restraint is an expression of caring for your environment and shows appreciation for the abundance you have access to. In a relationship, self-control is a vital expression of respect for one's partner when there is conflict, and there will be conflict.

Some of these values may resonate with you; you may have others. The important thing to recognize is: Under what circumstances, if any, would you be willing to compromise your core values? (From pages 11-12)


Dr. Jackie Black has highlighted respect as the value flowing through all 5 core values. Without respect it's difficult to value oneself or one's partner. She grounds us in what's important for our relationships that thrive.


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Let's THANK Dr. Jackie Black for helping us lay the groundwork of values for becoming parents in love. Her book is full of treasures for deepening love.

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