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What Is Your Baby's Favorite Toy?

Babies have a best toy. To develop your baby's brain you must use it. It won't cost you a penny. To find out what it was, I went to Deborah McNelis' Braininsights. Deborah is an author, speaker, educator, and parent. Let's find out the best toy ever for your baby's brain development.

How This Toy Works for Young Babies:

Lay your baby on a soft blanket on the floor. Lay down face to face in front of your baby. Can you guess what the best toy is? It's YOU.

Your baby wants to see your happy face. Notice how he tries to lift his just head to look at you. Your face and your voice are delightful to him.

Floor Tips:

1. Surround your baby with soft pillows while he's on his blanket. As he gets a little older, place a toy in front of him. Encourage him to reach for it.

2. Make the pillow circle larger when he's even a little older. Place several toys around the circle. This will encourage him to start crawling.

3. Be there to praise his efforts and have fun with him.

Deborah assures us that your baby's brain develops more abilities through new experiences. To give your baby those experiences is as easy a being his favorite toy and by encouraging both his motor and mental development.


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Let's APPLAUD Deborah McNelis for her work in brain development. She's done her research and gives us the best advice for helping our babies grow.

Author, Deborah McNelis
     Deborah McNelis


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