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You Can Prevent Your Child from Being a Bully

If your preschooler was in trouble for bullying, what would you do? Our parenting expert and author, Dr. Partridge, is sharing advice from his book, Building Character Skills In The Out-of-Control Child.

To show the importance of his work, here's a statistic from the National Education Association:

"It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students."

Imagine being the parent of a preschool bully and having to attend a parenting meeting with the parents of your child's victims. Dr. Partridge, being the expert, led the discussion. Several parents spoke up telling how their children were "picked on."

Finally, one of the parents of the bullies spoke, "My wife and I are embarrassed - and apologetic, because our son is one of the troublemakers - no doubt about it."

Other parents shared their frustration and discouragement because their youngsters were bullies too. The kids who were bullies at school acted badly at home too.

Dr. Partridge encouraged the parents to give suggestions on how to change the bullying behavior.

Here are some of the parent's suggestions:

1. Sit the bully on a chair in the laundry room facing the dryer and make him stay there.

2. Put the bully to bed early.

3. If he acts badly in the grocery store, leave the cart. Take him home and put him to bed for the rest of the day.

4. Swoop him up and put him some place he doesn't want to be.

One mother told about what didn't work:

"Well, when Jennifer hits her brother, I hold her and tell her it's not the right thing to do, and why - and what she should do since she's older - but it's not working." (From pages 95-96)


If children aren't disciplined effectively from an early age, they may becoming spoiled, uncaring, and seek the power that bullying gives them. They become a menace at home, in school, and, as they grow, to society.

By getting answers from the parents, Dr. Partridge didn't need to tell them to be stricter  with their children. They knew it. They heard what worked from each other. Brainstorming can be a good place to start when real solutions are described. What would you do if your preschool child was a bully?


Let's APPRECIATE Dr. Partridge's wisdom in helping parents help themselves and for sharing his ideas in his insightful book.

Dr. Partridge
    Dr. Partridge

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