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Sometime the Right Choices Hurt

Would your kids to have the character to tell a friend they didn't like his foul language? Or should they put up with it for fear of losing his friendship? Todays' parenting expert, Michael Sabbeth, and author of the book, The Good The Bad and the Difference, is here to share this story. (From pages 202 and 203.)


Michael Sabbeth is a lawyer. He enjoyed challenging young students to think about character, choices, and values. He tells kids and adults to avoid the myth that choices don't have consequences. Sometimes those consequences hurt.

The Story

A boy named Erik told Michael Sabbath how he and his friend disliked foul language from their buddy. It seems the foul-mouthed boy used it everywhere: at home, the movies, and the playground. Erik told Michael that they liked the 6th grader but they didn't like his meanness to them or other kids.

One day they took the risk to tell their friend they didn't like his crude behavior. They told him they wouldn't spend time with him unless he stopped cursing. As they feared, the boy left them in anger.

Erik said, "We don't talk that way and we don't think it's right. We didn't need that kind of friend."

The Wrap-Up

A few months later the exiled boy approached the boys and said he'd stop cursing if he could be their friend again. They accepted him back. The boy kept his promise.


I like this story because it emphasizes the ability of kids to make good choices. All 3 boys paid the price. Erik and his friend lost their rude pal. The vulgar boy lost 2 friends.

When the foul-mouthed boy decided to stop swearing and asked to be accepted back, everybody won. Not all choices have happy endings. Most parents want their children to show character by making good choices with or without a positive conclusion.

Do you believe speaking up when something's wrong, shows character?

How would you feel if your child made Erik’s choice?


Pick up Michael Sabbath's book, The Good The Bad & the Difference: How to Talk With Children About Values  You'll love his stories. Share them with your kids. Start today.

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Let's THANK Michael Sabbath for sharing his inspirational stories for discussing values with kids.

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Michael Sabbath


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