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Which Values Must Children Learn from Their Parents?

   Learning Values from Parents

When you teach your children values, which ones would you like them to repeat at your funeral? Our parenting expert and author, Katherine Gordy Levine, has researched some of the wisest sages of our time and is here to share them from her book, Parents Are People Too. She'll even tell us what she said at her mother's funeral.

Eulogy from Your Children

Which would you rather have your children say at your funeral?

  1. Mom taught us how to love.
  2. Dad pushed me into achieving the Eagle Scout Award.
  3. Mom showed by example how to help others.
  4. Dad read us bedtime stories.
  5. Mom made us succeed by hitting and yelling.

In Her Chapter on 'Goals and Missions - Knowing What's Important,' Katherine shares 4 common core beliefs. She calls them one-liner templates for guiding your child's life. Which one of these would you want your children to adopt?

  • "To thine own self be true."
  • "Winning is everything."
  • "The one with the most toys wins."
  • "What will the neighbors think?"

Did you pick number one?

Katherine goes farther by naming these 3 common core beliefs across cultures:

1. Help those in need; be caring.

2. Treat others fairly.

3. Only some people are worthy of caring and fairness.

How did you feel about the third one?

3 Authors Katherine Recommended for Teaching Values:

1. Victor Frankl, who wrote about surviving a concentration camp in his book, Man's Search for Meaning, said that those who survived best believed in the service of others.

2. Robert Fulghum's book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, cleverly puts forth the ideals of caring and justice.

3. Dalai Lama shared his core belief by saying, "My religion is kindness."

Three Values Katherine Shared at Her Mother's Funeral:

1." She gave us the gift of loving life's, small pleasures. She taught us to love the first snowfall, a shooting star, a piece of sea glass, the sunset."

2. "She always knew exactly how to comfort the hurting child, how to make all children feel special."

3. "She often bought and sent to you small reminders of her love." (From pages 117-124)

Katherine ends with the question, "What do you hope your children will say about you?"


I find such wisdom, practical advice, and solid research from Katherine. One of her gifts is how she writes. It's as if she's having a kind caring conversation with you.


Pick up, Parents Are People Too: An Emotional Fitness Program for Parents so you can instill the best values in your children.

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Let's APPLAUD Katherine Gordy Levine for sharing her beliefs on how to be our best and pass them on to our children too.

Katherine Gordy Levine
Katherine Gordy Levine, MSS


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