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Fun Brain Activities Babies Love

Does developing your baby's brain through simple games, appeal to you? If so, Deborah McNelis is here to help. Deborah, our parenting expert and creator of programs and materials like Love Your Baby: Making Connections in the First Year knows how to promote your child's learning. Deborah will share the first activity and I'll add two more.


1. Look and Touch

Do you ever wait in line with packages under one arm and your baby in the other? If the line is long, why not set the packages on the floor and scoot them along with your foot. That leaves one arm free to point out new things to your baby. Name the objects with a happy voice. If it's safe, you might let your baby touch them too. "Being able to touch objects provides much more learning than just seeing alone," says Deborah. She suggests using this technique when waiting for appointments too.

2. Look and Touch at Home

Consider as part of your daily routine, carrying your baby around the room showing him objects while naming them. Let him touch them too. Watch his eyes almost pop out with interest.

3. Create an "Art Gallery" for Your Baby

When your child begins to crawl, tape an "art gallery" about 1 foot above the floor. Use old birthday, Christmas, and valentine cards for this activity. Observe her eyes and sense her joy as she moves toward them. Name the objects in the pictures. Let her touch them. This visual stimulation is great for her brain.


Deborah's look and touch game, called Something New, is from her excellent card packet, Brain Insights, Love Your Baby: Making Connections in the First Year. What's so great about this packet and all of her brain development packets through age five are their beauty and simplicity. You don't have to be a brain scientist to figure out what to do. Each packet page has a fun activity with few words, ready for you use right away. The pictures are joyful and inviting.

Pick up Deborah McNelis's Love Your Baby: Making Connections in the First Year at her website:  You'll find all of her development packets there too.

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Let's THANK Deborah for helping us increase our baby's brain development in such delightful ways.

Author, Deborah McNelis
Deborah McNelis


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