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How a Parenting Team Tames a Bully

Richard used bad language, behaved badly in class, and bullied other children. Rick, the principal, held a conference with his parents and teacher. Rick learned that Richard's father feared his son would get kicked out of school like he did when he was young. This insight was the key because Richard picked up on it and acted out his dad's fear.

The conference succeeded because parents, teacher, and principal:

1. Wanted to help Richard.

2. Acted as team and trusted that each member would play their part.

3. Knew each had the power to make a difference but none could separately fix the problem.

4. Shared information openly and honestly.

5. Talked specifically about what they knew without labels or generalizations.

6. Believed they would be making decisions in concert with each other.

7. Understood that success was in Richard's hands.

What Rick, the principal, learned:

1. If a parent is afraid, the child will pick up on it.

2. We must do a little action research on the problem with new behaviors.

3. Together parents, teacher, and principal can create the conditions for changing a child's problem behavior. (From pages 162- 167)


Rick Ackerly shows how important it is for parents, the teacher, and principal to become a team in helping a troubled child. When they work together, avoid labels, and create the conditions for change, miracles, can happen.


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Let's THANK Rick Ackerly for sharing his important knowledge as a true leader in the educational field.

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