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Should You or the Government Take More Responsibility?

Are you the best parent for your child or would you like the government to take more responsibility? Our parenting expert and author of the book, Other-Wise and School-Wise, Carol Josel, is an educator, supervisor, and speaker. Today she is sharing the latest statistics and news about education, mothers, and government.

1. “Government failure is hardly new, though President Obama has given it a characteristic new twist: A program’s proven inability to do the things it is supposed to do is now an argument for expanding it.

In our new progressive era, no program can ever end because the only reason government fails is that there wasn’t enough government in the first place . . . There may not be a better illustration of this contradiction between intentions and results than Mr. Obama’s new demand for free, universal preschool.” ~ from a Wall Street Journal editorial

2. “… Children are most likely to succeed in school when pushed by parents who provide stability, help with schooling, and instill an education and work ethic. But for decades now, the American family has been breaking down. Two-fifths of children born in the USA are born to unmarried mothers . . .” ~from a USA Today editorial

3. “The government should not–and cannot–substitute for parents. Stay-at-home moms work, too. Why is it so off-limits for the government to encourage marriage before kids, two-parent households, and a stay-at-home parent as the ideal?

No 3- or 4-year-old needs to be in full-time, all-day preschool. That’s called daycare. Treat the causes of poverty, not the symptoms. Oh, and schooling is not free. We all have to pay for it, which makes it more challenging for those families that are trying to make it on one income.” ~ Vanessa Theurer, USA Today reader

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Carol finds tons of education statistics, quotes, and news for us in her blogs and newsletters. Her 3 points today help us think about our culture. Carol brings us what we need to know if we're going to make improvements. I'm grateful for educators, like Carol, because they keep us informed.


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Let's APPLAUD Carol for the unique role she's chosen to help us educate our children while, at the same time, keeping us up-to-date on what's happening now. She is a tireless worker for schools, children, student teachers, and parents.

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Carol Josel


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