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Motivation Helps Your Kids!

To motivate a winning attitude in your child, Carol Josel, parenting expert and author of the book, Other-Wise and School-Wise, is here to share some great advice. First, she'll tell us the signs of a winning attitude. Next she'll offer 6 motivation strategies for  kids and, finally, 5 tips for setting goals.


The Signs of Successful Attitudes in Children

How would you answer, "Who cares about your child's success more, you or your child?" If you didn't answer, "your child," you've got work to do. So many of us parents worry. We want our kids to succeed. We push them even when their feet stubbornly hold tight because they're not motivated.

The signs that your child is inspired depend on his view of himself. If you'd like to know, ask him these 3 questions:

1. Do you think you can succeed?

2. Do you want to succeed?

3. Why do you want to succeed?

If your child is focused on his own progress and is willing to take on challenges, don't worry. He is motivated. But if he isn't, let's listen to 6 of Carol's  20 suggestions for helping him move in the right direction.

1. Help your child get started on an assignment or project, if necessary, but then stand back.

2. Build on your child's strengths.

3. Believe in your child-and let him/her know it.

4. Acknowledge your youngster's hard work.

5. Encourage new experiences (sports, drama, painting, music).

6. Help your child set goals and find ways to achieve them. (From page 65.)

Advice for Setting Fun Goals:

Your child will feel motivated if she picks out a goal, works hard, and achieves that goal. Start with a goal your child wants to achieve. Hold a brainstorming session. Ask your child to set a fun goal for himself. Ask, "What is something you want?" "How will you help yourself achieve it?"

 Brainstorming Sample Goals:

!. Read a book on her favorite topic.

2. Play a sport she might like.

3. Learn to play a musical instrument.

Carol advises parents to encourage kids to break down big goals into small short-term goals with a due date.

Brainstorming Short-Term Goals:

Let's say your daughter loves books. You might help her by brainstorming this plan:

1. I will go to library

2. I will spend time finding a fun book.

3. I will check it out and bring it home.

4. I will pick a time to read it each day.

5. I will finish it in 2 weeks.

When she's completed her goal. Let her know you're impressed with her effort. Ask her, "How do you feel about accomplishing your goal?" Get her to talk about how she motivated herself. She'll love to share her thoughts with you. This could motivate her achieve even more goals. (From pages 64-69).


Let's PRAISE Carol Josel, a true educator and learning specialist. Her Guide is filled with activities that you can use like a fun workbook. Or better yet, use it for family dinner discussions to keep your kids mentally alert and happily motivated.

Author Carol Josel

   Carol Josel

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