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 Waffles and Pancakes Bullies

A Lesson in Bullying

Afraid your young children might become bullies? Cindy Springsteen, our parenting expert and author of the book Waffles and Pancakes ~ A Lesson in Bullying, is here to help. She knows how to teach lessons without lectures. Let's find out her method.

Many young children respond to animal stories. Cindy created a story about 2 hamsters, Waffles and Pancakes, and Oscar, the guinea pig. The boys who own the two hamsters have trouble figuring out why their pets don't feel well. Since hamsters can't talk, the boys didn't know their feelings were hurt by the cruel words of Oscar.

Cindy's story helps kids feel empathy for the hamsters. When parents read this book to their youngsters and probe with questions, they'll be teaching lessons without lectures.

Parents and teachers can use this animal story to:

. Help kids understand animals have feelings

. Be good to animals

. Help kids realize people have feelings

. Be good to others

. Try to get along with everyone


I suggest asking your children 3 questions while reading this story:

1. Why did the hamsters look sick?

2. Have you ever felt bad when someone said mean things to you? Tell me about it.

3. What advice do you have for Oscar the bully? Why?

You might even have your children draw a picture of the guinea pig bullying the hamsters. Then have them draw a picture of the 3 pets getting along.


Let's PRAISE Cindy for helping young children understand feelings and why it's important to be good to both animals and people.

Cindy Springsteen
Cindy Springsteen

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