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Charmaine Hammond and Toby
Toby, the Pet Therapy Dog, Teaches Kids to Be Buddies

Teaching your young child to be kind is easy when you read and discuss, Toby Says Be a Buddy Not a Bully.  Charmaine Hammond, our parenting skills expert, wrote this charming book about her pet therapy dog, Toby. Today, Charmaine is here to show how Toby teaches a classroom of students how to think about bullying.

Toby's Story about Being Bullied

Some dogs are like some children. They bully other dogs by barking, growling, and stealing their toys. This happened to Toby. The students wanted to know how Toby reacted. His actions showed the kids just what to do if they're bullied.

As Miss Charmaine told Toby's story, the children asked questions, shared their feelings, and gave their advice. Their teacher, Mrs. Johnson, asked, "What can you do if someone hurts your feelings, is mean to you, or is being a bully to someone else?" Before you read their answers, I suggest you get your child to share what he would do.

Toby's Message about Being a Buddy

Toby likes all the kids for who they are, even if their shoes are purple with polka dots. He sends the message that appearances don't matter. It's what in a child's heart that counts.

Toby's Book Promotes Kindness

Miss Charmaine gives the class 'homework.' She asks them to do acts of kindness to friends, parents, and animals before the day is over. You can ask your child to think of specific things he could do to be kind.

Enjoy asking the discussion questions. You'll  find out what your child really thinks about being a bully or a buddy. 

In the end, you'll find Toby's 4 rules to post on your fridge. They'll give your youngster the best ideas for dealing with bullies.


This excellent book makes a welcome gift for Christmas and birthdays. The colorful pictures will capture your child's imagination and the messages will touch his heart.


Let's THANK Charmaine Hammond for creating a series about her dog, Toby. Charmaine said it took a lot of training in the beginning before Toby became a pet therapy dog. Once trained, she took him to schools, hospitals, and even libraries to cheer people up when they were unhappy, not feeling well, or needed to learn to be a buddy.

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