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How to Help Your Children Say, "I CAN"


Help Your Child  Become an "I CAN" Person

If your children need to say "I can," instead of "I can't," keep reading. Our parenting skills expert, Miriam Laundry, has written an impressive book entitled, I CAN Believe in Myself. Today, we'll share the side effects of raising negative kids, how to change them, and the story of  Molly.

How to Help Your Children Think, "I CAN"

Miriam Laundry's book illustrates the problems your children experience when they repeat, "I can't." These two words have the power to influence them by:

1. Causing sad feelings. Notice the expression on your kids' faces. Have them look in the mirror. Ask them, "Do you really want your brain to think, 'I Can't?'

2. Making them feel helpless.  Ask your youngsters, "Would you rather feel weak or strong?" Hopefully, they'll say strong. Then discuss how choosing to be helpless hurts them.

Try not to do things for your children that they could do for themselves. It could intensify their helpless feelings.

3. Increasing a sense of fear. Many kids fear hurting themselves or failing. This fear prevents them from trying. Never put your children down for feeling anxious. Put-downs make things worse. Rather praise them for the steps they take to overcome their fear. Be specific, positive, and truthful.

The Story of Molly

In this beautifully illustrated book, young Molly shows your kids how "I can't" held her back. They'll find out why Molly couldn't speak as she heard her teacher and classmates also say, "I can't."

Through Molly's creative imagination, your child will learn how Molly and her friend, 'Shreddy,' turned everyone around, including herself.

I CAN Believe in Myself is the best message for raising positive children who don't give up. Read it again and again with your kids. You'll like the results.


Let's THANK Miriam Laundry for writing such a helpful book promoting 'I CAN' in young children. And one more thing, let her book boost positivity and an 'I CAN' attitude in your kids.

Author Miriam

Miriam Laundry

Pick up your copy of, I CAN Believe in Myself, read it with your children often.

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