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Preschool Games Make Brain Connections!

Could your young children improve their brain connections? "Absolutely!" says our parenting skills expert, Dr. Sally Goldberg, author of Make Your Own Preschool Games.Today she'll share the importance of 5 senses. You'll see the list of areas in which she includes 12 games each and you'll find 3 sample games to see how easy it is for you to use them.

Dr. Sally knows all learning comes through the senses. When you teach children through sight, sound, hearing, taste, and touch you create wonderful brain connections. Since so much of the brain develops before the age of 5, it is important to start young.

Game Categories in Make Your Own Preschool Games that Include 12 Games Each:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science
  3. Social Studies
  4. Gross-Motor Development
  5. Fine-Motor Development
  6. Midline Development
  7. Social Skills
  8. Art
  9. Music
  10. Drama
  11. Reading
  12. Writing
  13. Listening
  14. Speaking

I like how she lists the name of each game with its page number in the back of the book. Dr. Sally recommends writing down the name of each game with its page number on 3X5" cards, shuffle them, and have your child choose which game to play.

3 Sample Games for Boosting Your Youngsters Brain Power

1. This Mathematics Game Teaches about Measurement:

Use a ruler to measure straight objects like a table, shelf, book, window, and door. This teaches preschoolers that different objects can have different lengths. You can also teach, inches, feet, and centimeters. It's so easy.

2. This Science Game Teaches the Care of Plants:

Buy 3 little identical plants. Put them where your child can water them. Water them 2 times a week. Ask your child to guess how each plant will do when they are watered with different solutions. 

   1.) Water

   2.) Coca-cola

   3.) Milk

Discuss the results and which solution is best for watering plants.

3. This Social Studies Game Tells The Story of the Day: 

This develops your child's memory. Use it at bedtime. Begin with "Once upon a tell what actually happened in your child's day. You can take turns telling different events. Feel free to stop and discuss any event especially if it teaches a lesson like honesty.


If you can imagine playing these games together, feeling happy to be with each other, and watching your child expand his brain connections, then know that you are making learning fun. When your child measures with a ruler, waters plants, or tells his nightly story, he'll become more alert to the sizes of things, the plants around him, and what is happening during his day. What an excellent outcome! I recommend Make Your Own Preschool Games to all parents, daycare owners, preschool teachers, and homeschool parents.


Join me in THANKING Dr. Sally for sharing 3 of her 168 games with us today. She's knows what your children's young brains need and how to help you give it to them.

Dr. Sally Goldberg

 Dr. Sally Goldberg

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