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Teaching Your Child to Relax

If you're a stressed parent and fear your children are copying your emotional reactions, stop worrying. Our parenting skills expert, Lori Lite, author of Stress Free Kids, is here to help. Today she'll discuss how stress is contagious, ask you 3 important questions, and give you 2 relaxation techniques.

Lori’s Story

In her book Lori shares the overwhelming pressure she felt as a young mother. Raising both a hyperactive child who took hours to get to sleep and a daughter with night terrors exhausted her. Lori decided to make her life’s journey one of learning about stress, how to relieve it, and how to help others.

Is Stress Contagious?

“Yes,” says Lori Lite. When you feel strain, your child learns to copy your reactions. For instance, do you pack your days with too many responsibilities?

Let’s say your neighbor needs to talk, the sink is leaking, and your boss is calling about your overdue report. How do you react? Many parents feel so much pressure that they tense up inside, sleep less, and get sick more often.

The Stress Quiz

Lori provides you with 10 questions that are easy to answer and quite revealing. Here are 3:

1. Are you yelling at your kids more?

2. Do you cram way too much into your day?

3. Are you saying “Yes” to requests when you wish you said "No?"

If you do the above, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling stressed. I like Lori’s quiz because it shows you what you are doing and what needs to change.

2 Sample Techniques You Can Use Today

Both techniques show you and your child how to relax and deal with current stress.

1. Tell your child, “I am feeling too stressed right now. I am just going to take a minute for myself to sit down and do my breathing.”

Invite your child to sit next to you, identify the stress, and take it down a notch by breathing deeply together.

Can you see how this could benefit both you and your child? What a gift!

2. This skill is one you can use whenever you need it. Again you can do it with your child, in the shower, or when driving to an appointment.

Deeply inhale and exhale with a loud “AHA!” Feel free to do it several times in a row.


Lori has filled her book with many stress reducing techniques. It’s like a delicious banquet where you can pick the ones that appeal best to you.

I highly recommend Stress Free Kids: A Parent's Guide to Helping Build Self-Esteem, Manage Stress, and Reduce Anxiety in Children for parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone who want to help kids.

   Stress Free Kids

Available at: Amazon.com

Please join me in THANKING Lori Lite for sharing her research and wealth of knowledge to help us and our children live healthy relaxed lifestyles.

  Lori Lite

          Lori Lite  

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