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5 Positive Discipline Tips to Give Your Child Wings


Positive Discipline Helps Kids Fly

If you’re looking for discipline advice with a spiritual outlook, you’re in the right place. Our parenting skills expert, Gigi Schweikert, is here to share 5 solid principles suited to any parent’s beliefs. She is the author of There’s a Perfect Little Angel in Every Child.

First, Gigi will share what ‘little angels’ really look like, how to view their misbehavior, and reveal 5 solid discipline practices.

Does Your Perfect Child Look Like This?

Gigi says “Yes” even when their haloes appear a bit crooked.

1. Kids leave the cupboards wide open.

2. They splash in puddles with their green frog-eyed boots.

3. They forget to do their homework.

4. They cover their faces with mommy’s make-up.

5. Their hands are filthy from digging earthworms.

6. They leave cookie crumbs on the kitchen counter.

7. Their coloring marathons leave marks everywhere.

How to Find the Angel in Your Child

Because children are always learning by exploring, experimenting, and testing your limits, Gigi tells us to:

1. Remember your children’s beauty when they’re asleep.

2. See them through the eyes of wonder.

3. Appreciate their limitless energy.

4. Admire their creativity.

5. Smile at their constant testing behavior.

As parents we have the privilege to guide these wonderful children to be the best they can be. That means turning off our super critical eye to their manners, behavior, or odd wardrobe colors and turn on our positive discipline skills.

Why Parents Must Discipline:

  • To help children develop good behaviors
  • To guide them  in understanding the differences between right and wrong
  • To encourage them to make positive choices

If children learn these things when they're young, they’ll more likely choose well  when they’re adults.

Gigi says, “Discipline is not negative; it’s not mean; it’s not punishment. Rather, discipline is everything we do, say, and teach our children in order to grow them up to be wise, caring, and socially responsible adults. Discipline is, quite simply, raising our children.” (From page 9)

5 Solid Discipline Practices

1. Time Out – one minute for each of your child’s years.

2. Use a loud voice like ‘STOP!’ to prevent danger.

3. Pull over and stop the car when they’re fighting.

4. Get your child’s attention by looking at them at eye-level.

5. Stop what you’re doing when they misbehave. Go to them with a serious look and stance.

These are just a few of the multitude of ideas Gigi shares for guiding your child.


I believe Gigi helps us see the bigger picture. We want our children to become loving responsible people. If we look at them through the eyes of love, work on our patience, and discipline wisely, we'll be good parents and they'll become the fine adults they were meant to be.

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Gigi Schweikert presents workshops at the local, state, and national levels to parents, teachers and corporations. Let's THANK Gigi for sharing her knowledge with us today as a leader in the early childhood education field.

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